Simin Barragh Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, machinery and production equipment for the metal industry, focusing on the finishing coatings industry, which operates in four main sections: industrial cleaners, preparation processes, industrial and decorative plating processes and other surface coatings such as Electrophoretic coatings، anodizing etc . Simin barragh Company offers a complete range of products so that our product portfolio meets all the needs of the industry from start to finish.

Simin Barragh Company’s activity is not limited to the supply and production of chemicals and machinery of production lines, but also by using the experiences of decades of industrial activity and with the help of its European and international partners, process and production line design services, knowledge and technology transfer, educational services Provides domestic and foreign technical and investment for the launch and development of production lines in a very desirable way and with the aim of improving the quality of manufacturing industries.

Polished wire is a supplier of chemicals to all industries that deal in some way with surface coating processes, including: electronics, automotive, construction, home appliances, medicine and medical engineering, rubber and plastics, porcelain and ceramics, and so on. Now, almost 4 decades have passed since the beginning of Simin Barragh activity in the industrial sector, the first years under the name of Sazakh Company and then under the name of Simin Barragh. The secret of longevity and the secret of success of Simin Barragh Company is in honesty, creativity, updating and cooperation and extensive communication with the best and largest international manufacturers of coating and chemical industries and paying attention to quality as the most important indicator of its activity.